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Easy chocolate tempering at home.

What you need?



Microwaveable bowl.



To keep your chocolate in temper you MUST pay attention to the temperature of the chocolate. Dark chocolate should never go above 31*c Milk chocolate should never go above 29*c . White or colored chocolate should never go above 27*c The chocolate must contain cocoa butter for this to work.

1. Place chocolate into your plastic or silicone bowl and microwave for 30 seconds on high, then stir.

2. Microwave one more time for 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, then 10 seconds. Stirring in between each heating. DO NOT RUSH THIS! Some microwave ovens are more powerful than others, so stop when you still have a few small pieces of chocolate in your bowl. Stir well.

3. Always check your thermometer to make sure your temperature is not going above the guide above

4. Once your chocolate is melted, check it’s temper by spreading a small amount on parchment paper. Wait for two minutes. If it’s set smooth it's ready to use!

5. If it does not set in two minutes, Keep stirring while it cools and try again

6. Happy chocolate making!

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