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Creating chocolate like a pro!

Updated: Feb 12

Using chocolate moulds

What you need:

• moulds

• Microwave

• chocolate

• Microwave bowl

• A ladle

• Scraper

See our chocolate tempering the easy way if you’re unsure before you begin ;)

Heat the moulds briefly before pouring in your tempered chocolate. This way, you’ll avoid temperature shocks that could make your chocolate turn grey afterwards.

Make sure that the heat can escape from the mould during cooling. If it remains trapped inside the mould, the chocolate shell could have dull spots and stick to the mould.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is pop them in the fridge. But for no more than 15 mins!

Temper your melted chocolates and warm your moulds up to 26 to 27°C with a heat gun before use. Make sure that your moulds are spotlessly clean and don’t make them warmer than your chocolate.

A hot air gun from a craft shop works well.

Step 1. Fill a piping bag with tempered chocolate if using moulds with small cavities and fill your mould, or ladle into the mould of large cavity

Step 2.

Tap the mould repeatedly to move any air bubbles away from the mould surface

Step 3.

Shake excess chocolate back into your bowl, use a scraper to clean top of mould.

Step 4.

For small cavities one layer should be enough,

If making larger pieces or figure turn mould over face down after scraping and leave for 5/10 minutes before filling mould again for a second coat.

Repeat step 3.

Step 5.

You can leave your mould overnight before turning out,

However if your kitchen is very warm out you want to speed up the process placed mould in a fridge for no more than 15 minutes. The chocolate should come away easily.

Step 6.

Pat yourself in the back

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