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Gluten-Free Heavenly Brownie Boxes

Gluten-Free Heavenly Brownie Boxes

Indulge your taste buds with our gluten free Brownie Box, 4 sandwiches of melt-in-your-mouth brownie goodness! Made using 54% chocolate and the best ingredients, including Welsh butter.


Our signature brownies are crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring an irresistible depth of flavor that will tantalize your senses. Each brownie is baked to perfection, with a soft, fudgy texture. Pure chocolatey bliss!


Individually wrapped and packed in tissue paper, then boxed.


Options include:

Option One - 4 x White Chocolate Brownie Sandwiches

Option Two - 4 x Nutella Brownie Sandwiches

Option Three - 2 x White Chocolate Brownie Sanwiches, 2 x Nutella Brownie Sandwiches

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